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Imagine campers and counsellors walking towards the rec-hall for their special activity. As they get closer they can hear the sound of drums being played. They move with anticipation towards the sound. When they enter the room they see chairs set up in a circle, with a drum in front of each chair. They are welcomed by Igor and his team with smiles and enthusiasm. After a brief introduction, the campers are invited to join in the rhythm and play. The group is experiencing the sound of the room being filled with their unique rhythm… this continues until Igor conducts the group to a stop, and somehow, as if they have done this every day together, they all stop in unison! Laughter and cheer erupts from the circle. Igor continues to guide the group through several interactive activities throughout the rest of the session. As the session ends, the smiles and laughter remain, and the campers leave feeling the natural energy rush that drumming can provide. Even the next day, the energy can still be felt from the excitement of the drumming, and campers are asking, “when can we do it again?”.

Let’s Get Rhythm specializes in bringing remarkable drumming programs to summer camps…and school holidays program

F.A.Q. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why? Because Igor is passionate about spreading his love of rhythm and drumming. He does this through performing, educating, facilitating, and speaking.

What we do…

Let’s Get Rhythm offers interactive drumming programs. We bring drums and percussion instruments for all of your participants and enable them to create in the moment music together as a group. Igor will provide the necessary facilitation, instruction, and guidance to meet the group’s specific needs.

How will having this program benefit campers?

Drumming is an organic, fundamental, and intrinsic activity that can offer a refresher in a typical camp schedule. Camp is an ideal place to expose children to rhythm making. Our programs create unity among the participants, and the sound of the drums creates an excitement that can be felt all over camp. Drumming is a low impact, yet physical, activity. After drumming, campers will feel confident and empowered. Campers love it and the staff does too.

How will having this program benefit the camp owner and the program director?

Camp owners will have peace of mind, in knowing that they have a professional that truly understands camp running a program. Drumming offers a great way to incorporate a music making program into a camp’s curriculum that engages creativity and expression. This appeases the expectation from parents to have more holistic and educational activities for their children in camp. Camp directors are able to leverage all of these benefits and utilize them in their marketing and advertising. In addition, it addresses some of the issues recently being brought up around the topic of year-round educational reform. And drumming can be done indoors, making it an ideal rainy day activity!

What size groups do you work with?

We work well with groups of 10-45 participants per session. The benefit of working with this sized group is that campers receive individual attention during a program, and therefore the experience is memorable for each participant. We are able to accommodate smaller or larger sized groups depending on your camp’s needs and the way that you chose to schedule your groups and divisions of campers.

What  the benefits?

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program, can effortlessly

  attain a state of increased concentration and attention with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while reading

  or studying to improve concentration and to improve how well

  people recall the information. With fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while working

  on the computer to increase levels of focus and concentration,

  and to help maintain that concentration for longer periods of time

  with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

  for brainstorming and problem-solving and show how to work in team with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

  while exercising or working out to achieve the mental “Zone”

  described by athletes with fun!!!

The Health and Concentration Drumming program is a drug-free

  solution to improve your students attention and concentration with fun!!!

How long is a program, what is the duration?


Most sessions are 45-60 minutes, and we can provide multiple sessions in a day. We can spend a half day, whole day, and we have new in-house programs that set up a curriculum for your camp lasting one, two, or four weeks. Many options are available for scheduling. We want to collaborate with you to provide the best program for your needs.

What do you require? How much space is needed?

We require a space large enough to accommodate all participants, and chairs for each participant.  Drumming is suitable for an indoor or outdoor experience. (rain or shine!)


1. Chris Gay, principal of Karingal Primary School

9789 0514

2. Chris Short, principal of Skye Primary School

9786 1555

3. Cecilia Stone, principal of Banyan Fields Primary School.

9782 1333

4. Andrew Haley, assistant principal of Somerville Primary School.

5977 5421

5. Eugene Mogilevski, head of languages. Wesley College. 0431 697 088


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