Lets Get Rhythm - Drumming for Schools

Health and Concentration Program for Schools

Many of the young people are at risk of disengaging with education and the aim of the

project is to inspire them, build their confidence and an appetite for learning. This program in turn, will

help young people to complete their education.

 Length of the performance - 30-60 min.


Hand drumming benefits:

1. Improve level of focus, clarity, and concentration

2. Enhance memory and thinking speed

3. Increase focus and attention while reading or working

4. Get into a mental Zone while exercising

5. Increases musical attitude

6. Low-impact physical activity

7. Health benefits

8. Builds confidence


Rhythm Events

A Rhythm Event is a drum circle that is associated with an organization

such as a school or camp. The organization will host the event, and Let’s

Get Rhythm will facilitate and bring all of the drums and percussion

instruments for participants to use. A Rhythm Event is interactive group

drumming with intention. The intention can be many things, recreational

(fun!), educational (learning), motivational (empowering), focus and

concentration (training) are a few of the common intentions set in a

Rhythm Event.


For Schools: Programs for schools are focused on interactive learning

and concentration training. Some sessions include a brief lesson on the

history of the drum, its origins and cultural significance. We will play

together as a group, and also explore individual self-expression within a

group context. You can expect the students to love the freedom of

drumming, and also appreciate the guidance that the facilitator provides

to add discipline and structure to the activity. This program gives new

meaning to the term “hands on learning”!


For centuries drums have been known for their powerful, magical

qualities. Traditional healers from many different cultures around the

world have used their intangible qualities for music therapies throughout

the ages.

Only recently however, have we begun to understand the changes in body

chemistry produced by drumming. Recent studies published in 2001 had

remarkable outcomes using drums and rhythms and the impact on the

immune system...see:





Playing percussion can open your emotions and nourish them, enliven a

low mood, help your mental clarity and even lend energy to your physical


The impact of rhythm and drumming for therapy can be truly

judged in the real life working situations. 

Igor Alfimov and “Let’s Get Rhythm”

Igor Alfimov is a professional musician- drummer and music teacher with

a Diploma of Music (Drums and Percussion) from Monash University. Work with children check card holder.

He has developed a Health and Concentration Drumming Program

where the students will learn at lunchtime, recess or as part of music

curriculum. He is able to supply up to 65 drums and percussion

that he can use with students to involve as many as possible.

Igor's program also part of well-known benefits of musical

therapy for all students with behavioural and other problems. But biggest

benefit is CONCENTRATION TRAINING, most of our games are.

The Concentration Drumming Program is designed by Let's Get Rhythm to

helps rapidly improve the focus and alertness, mental clarity, and

concentration with fun!!!

The focus is to get all the kids engaged, involved and having fun,

interacting with one another through drumming and rhythm. Drumming is

a great way to improve concentration and listening skills and also

promotes self expression and creativity in a fun relaxed environment.

Simply by playing special games in drum circle, students can:

How the Program can help today…

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program, can effortlessly

  attain a state of increased concentration and attention with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while reading

  or studying to improve concentration and to improve how well

  people recall the information. With fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while working

  on the computer to increase levels of focus and concentration,

  and to help maintain that concentration for longer periods of time

  with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

  for brainstorming and problem-solving and show how to work in team with fun!!!

- Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

  while exercising or working out to achieve the mental “Zone”

  described by athletes with fun!!!

The Health and Concentration Drumming program is a drug-free

  solution to improve your students attention and concentration with fun!!!

The experience of teaching has helped to shape the way I approach

working with students. I have learned that each student can have unique

needs when it comes to learning. I am highly perceptive and I make it my

priority to recognize and work with these needs. The mission of my

teaching is to guide, encourage, inspire, and support the student

as they discover their own individual path to rhythm. It is most

important to me to help the student cultivate and develop a balance in

their relationship with music, drumming, and life.

I have worked with students of all ages and experience levels. It is not

uncommon for a student to start studying with me when they are in

primary school and continue until they graduate high school. I have also

taught and mentored students at the college level. Whether they are

playing professionally or for their own enjoyment, the majority of my

students continue to play drums into their adult life.


1. Chris Gay, principal of Karingal Primary School

9789 0514

2. Chris Short, principal of Skye Primary School

9786 1555

3. Cecilia Stone, principal of Banyan Fields Primary School.

9782 1333

4. Andrew Haley, assistant principal of Somerville Primary School.

5977 5421

5. Eugene Mogilevski, head of languages. Wesley College. 0431 697 088

Call Igor today!


E-mail: letsgetrhythm@gmail.com