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Drumming for the Elderly

Healthy Hand Drumming

For centuries drums have been known for their powerful, magical qualities. Traditional healers from many different cultures around the world have used their intangible qualities for music therapies throughout the ages.

Only recently however, have we begun to understand the changes in body chemistry produced by drumming. Recent studies published in 2001 had remarkable outcomes using drums and rhythms and the impact on the immune system...see:




Playing percussion can open your emotions and nourish them, enliven a low mood, help your mental clarity and even lend energy to your physical being.

For me, the impact of rhythm and drumming for therapy can be truly judged in the real life working situations, where I have use it. I have personally witnessed some amazing results and have been fortunate to be able to apply my sessions to many different groups and see firsthand what effect it has had upon them. I have documented my experiences and thoughts below and whilst every group and case presents different challenges, I'm very excited about the success and benefits  it's had upon the participants.

Drumming for the Elderly

The development of Drumming Circles for the elderly is a new phenomenon that rapidly spreading worldwide in forward thinking organizations. The sessions provide some major health benefits as well as providing an opportunity for fun, social interaction, improving the lives of all who participate. Nursing homes have reported seeing higher energy levels and a boost in moral since drumming become part of the routine.

Music therapists have long used music to connect people, especially elderly. Unlike speech, music is processed in multiple areas of the brain. The limbic system is activated by the emotional response to music, while the elements of music, such as rhythm, pitch and melody, activate other areas of the brain.

Elderly people suffering from late stages of dementia often show responses to music, including vocal activity, increased eye contact, changes in facial expression and physical movement.

Drumming provides a welcome diversion, inspires creativity and helps long term care residents bond together. It brings an immediate reduction in feelings of loneliness and isolation. The physical exercises is also extremely beneficial, especially to the upper body. Drums could be strapped to wheelchairs and they are numerous percussion instruments that are suited to virtually anyone who wants to join in the rhythm.

The staff of old age/nursing homes are also equally enthusiastic about the unique activity as it allows them to also engage and join in, relieving stress and forming new bonds with the participants.

We all feel better after drumming. Clinical research is now supporting this theory by undertaking studies that show the tangible benefits of drumming to health and wellbeing.


Health benefits

In 2001 Barry Bittman, as CEO and Medical Director of the Mind-Body Wellness Centre in Meadville(New York), developed a study that showed that drumming decreases stress and increases disease fighting activity. This activity circulates white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells and stimulates the brain which allows information to be absorbed quicker and more easily.


Reducing stress and increasing feelings of wellbeing

Dr. Barry Quinn(LA), a licensed clinical psychologist, noted that as a result of drumming Alpha brainwaves were increased in his highly stressed patients; Alpha brainwaves being associated with feelings of well-being and euphoria.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Physicians are finding that Alzheimer's patients who drum can connect better with loved ones. Researchers have also discovered that hearing slow, steady rhythms, such as drumbeats, helps Parkinson's patients move more steadily.


Igor Alfimov and “Let’s Get Rhythm”


Igor Alfimov is a professional musician- drummer and music teacher with a Diploma of Music (Drums and Percussion) from Monash University. He has developed a Health and Concentration Drumming Program where the residents will learn. He is able to supply up to forty-five drums and percussion that he can use with residents to involve as many as possible.


Concentration training

The Health and Concentration Drumming Program is designed by Let's Get Rhythm to helps rapidly improve the focus and alertness, mental clarity, and concentration with fun!!!

The focus is to get all the residents engaged, involved and having fun, interacting with one another through drumming and rhythm. Drumming is a great way to improve concentration and listening skills and also promotes self expression and creativity in a fun relaxed environment.

Simply by playing special games in drum circle:

  • Improve level of focus, clarity, and concentration
  • Enhance memory and thinking speed
  • Increase focus and attention while reading or working
  • Improve concentration
  • Get into a mental Zone while exercising

How the Health and Concentration Drumming Program can help today…

Health and Concentration Drumming Program, can effortlessly attain a state of increased concentration and attention with fun!!!

• Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while reading or studying to improve concentration and to improve how well people recall the information. With fun!!!

• Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while working on the computer to increase levels of focus and concentration, and to help maintain that concentration for longer periods of time with fun!!!

• Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps for brainstorming and problem-solving with fun!!!

• Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps while exercising or working out to achieve the mental “Zone” described by athletes with fun!!!

•  The Health and Concentration Drumming program is a drug-free solution to improve your health, attention and concentration with fun!!!.


Drum Circles & Rhythm Events


Drum Circle

What exactly is a Drum Circle? 
A drum circle is a highly interactive activity where no previous experience is needed to participate.  When people come together as a group to create rhythm, something intrinsic and inclusive happens. Picture a flock of birds flying together…one of the birds is leading the way, but all of the birds seem to know exactly where the lead bird is going. This same phenomenon begins to happen with a group of drummers that are listening to each other and playing together. One drummer plays and more and more drummers are able to join in and naturally play with the momentum of the rhythm.



Length of the performance - 30-60 min.

The programme could be divided into 1 or 2 parts.

Procedure of the performance

Introductory part. Plays "Drum Circle" musicians.

Learning to play manually. "Simple" applause and "Eurovision" applause.

Distribution of the percussion instruments to the participants.

Studying to play together: three main beats.

Special Health and Concentration Drumming Games.

Djembe. The first common percussion piece. Three different tones.

Personal lessons from Let’s Get Rhythm for everyone.

Musical orchestra. Everyone is welcomed to the circle.

Orchestra performance.


We all feel better after drumming. Clinical research is now supporting this theory by undertaking studies that show the tangible benefits of drumming to health and wellbeing.


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