Lets Get Rhythm - Corporate Drumming and Team Building

Corporate Drumming and Team Building

Why Use Let’s Get Rhythm?

• group bonding

• concentration training

• relationship building and enhancing

• ice breaker

• health benefits

• facilitate organisational change

• communicate company vision

• stress release and relaxation

• fun, fun, fun!

• fully tax deductable

When to Use Let’s Get Rhythm?

• seminars

• conferences

• management training programs

• leadership courses

• team leadership day

• stress management exercise

• social functions

Concentration training

The Health and Concentration Drumming Program is designed to

helps rapidly improve the focus and alertness, mental clarity,

and concentration with fun!!!

Simply by playing special games in drum circle, you can:

• Improve levels of focus, clarity, and concentration

• Enhance memory and thinking speed

• Increase focus and attention while reading or working

• Improve concentration in adults and children

• Get into a mental Zone while exercising

How the Health and Concentration Drumming Program can

The Health and Concentration Drumming Program, can effortlessly

attain a state of increased concentration and attention with fun!!!

• The Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

while reading or studying to improve concentration and to

improve how well you recall the information with fun!!!

• The Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

while working on the computer or in the office to increase

levels of focus and concentration, and to help maintain that

concentration for longer periods of time with fun!!!

• The Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

for brainstorming and problem-solving with fun!!!

• The Health and Concentration Drumming Program helps

while exercising or working out to achieve the mental “Zone”

described by athletes with fun!!!

• The Health and Concentration Drumming program is a drug-free

solution to improve your attention and concentration with fun!!!.

Drum Circle

Drum circles are proven and effective, fun filled team building

sessions designed to improve productivity in your workplace.

By creating a relaxed environment, which inspires group participation

and synergy, drum circles breaks down social barriers in order to

allow participants to work efficiently and harmoniously together, with

increased focus and reduced stress.

Benefits of drumming

We all feel better after drumming. Clinical research is now supporting this

theory by undertaking studies that show the tangible benefits of drumming to

health and wellbeing.

Only recently however, have we begun to understand the changes

in body chemistry produced by drumming. Recent studies published

in 2001had remarkable outcomes using drums and rhythms and the

impact on the immune system...see:




Playing percussion can open your emotions and nourish them,

enliven a low mood, help your mental clarity and even lend energy

to your physical being.

For me, the impact of rhythm and drumming for therapy can be

truly judged in the real life working situations, where I have use

it. I have personally witnessed some amazing results and have

been fortunate to be able to apply my sessions to many different

groups and see firsthand what effect it has had upon them. I have

documented my experiences and thoughts below and whilst every

group and case presents different challenges, I'm very excited

about the success and benefits it's had upon the participants.

Health benefits

In 2001 Barry Bittman, as CEO and Medical Director of the Mind-Body

Wellness Centre in Meadville, USA, developed a study that showed that

drumming decreases stress and increases disease fighting activity. This

activity circulates white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells and stimulates

the brain which allows information to be absorbed quicker and more easily.

Reducing stress and increasing feelings of wellbeing

Dr. Barry Quinn, a licensed clinical psychologist, noted that as a result of

drumming Alpha brainwaves were increased in his highly stressed patients;

Alpha brainwaves being associated with feelings of well-being and euphoria.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Physicians are finding that Alzheimer's patients who drum can connect better

with loved ones. Researchers have also discovered that hearing slow, steady

rhythms, such as drumbeats, helps Parkinson's patients move more steadily.

Benefits for youth/teenagers

According to the study results recently published in Advances in Mind-Body

Medicine, the Adolescent Health Rhythms protocol is a new, highly cost-
effective strategy for empowering success with at-risk youth. Instrumental

anger is the clinical term used to describe a delayed expression of

emotion, including revenge or retaliation, such as what is believed to have

precipitated the massacre at Columbine High School, often referred to as the

Columbine Effect. According to principal researcher Barry Bittman, MD this

groundbreaking study has demonstrated statistically significant improvements

in the level of instrumental anger in addition to improvements in school/work

performance and behaviour toward others, with less depression, reactive

anger and interpersonal problems than a control group who did not participate

in the music making activities.


All of our workshops can be customised to your own requirements

and/or themes. For example, if you're focusing on corporate team

building and communication we'll adapt our message and our group

activities to complement your philosophy and goals.

Our most popular formats are:

The Invigorator

A great cure for 'death-by-powerpoint' or 'post-lunch seminar-
blues', The Invigorator is a high energy, fun-filled sessions designed

to blast away fatigue and leave your team buzzing.

Duration:  60 minutes+

Outcome: Smiling refreshed and energised participants.

When to use: After lunch during seminars, at end-of-year

celebrations and staff appreciation days or to kick start a conference

or seminar.

The Unifier

During The Unifier we use simple musical concepts to explore

the importance of working together and listening to one another.

Participants focus on developing rapport and cooperation by

perfecting a hand drumming arrangement. These group activities

ensure participants work together on tasks that illustrate and test

their abilities to work harmoniously and effectively with one another.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Outcome: Increased self-esteem, group bonding, improved

understanding of principles of teamwork and leadership, enhanced


When to use: Team building, mid-conference, any time people meet.

Invent your own...

If our most popular options don't meet your needs feel free to email

or call to discuss alternative arrangements.


Minimum cost for a 60 minute session is only $250.00 and

fully tax deductable.


• Can cater for up to 85 people

Includes traditional percussion and different kind of hand drums, bells and shakers.


Normally, we travel to you, however we use a variety of centrally

based venues across Melbourne to run our sessions and would be

happy to suggest venue options for you.

Call Igor today!

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